Is Alternative lending what you need? If you got turned down for a bank loan the answer is Yes!

Alternative lending is the best answer for business owners who are getting turned down for bank loans. Some business owners will start using credit card advances to help with their financial troubles but that is definitely not the cost-effective way. Alternative lending is a broad way to describe they way small businesses have lending options outside of traditional bank loans. Now small business owners can work with lenders who offer various forms of business financing - from short term loans and lines of credit to cash advances with 3 to 12 month paybacks. There is so many factors in determining what is best for you and your business when you are looking for a business loan and get turned down at the bank. Banks only have an approval rate of 10 to 20 percent but alternative lenders have approved between 60 to 70 percent over the last few years and we have seen reports saying alternative lending will be dealing with around $200 billion by 2025. The best part of alternative lending is it's a fast and flexible non recourse debt. Instead of a bank using credit as the form of underwriting these lenders use complicated algorithms and they look at your business as a whole. Typically the underwrites will even look at your financial statements and accounting files to show stability and they will go as deep as to look at your social media to see what type of business you are generating but when applying for traditional bank loans that will never even be considered. Nest Planner is breaking barriers for the small business community to make sure they get the cash they need when they need it. You do not have to wait a month to get the working capital you need because Nest Planner can have the cash in your account within one to three business days which would never happen when applying for a small business bank loan. If your business needs to expand or has expenses to cover and you need a quick approval you should call Nest Planner today.

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