Boost Your Business With Support from Your Wantagh Funding Source

By Rob McLean, CNN Business

Updated 5:17 PM ET, Tue July 30, 2019

When you need to access extra funds for a business need, you will appreciate a consulting and funding firm that can expedite the delivery of funds that might help to ensure the continuity of your enterprise.

Why you may want to choose a Wantagh area business consulting firm

If you live in the Wantagh area, Nest Planner is a neighborhood partner who can offer quick funding for small business needs. You will likely welcome the advantage of working with a funding source that can get funds to you quickly, requires a minimal amount of documentation, and does not require that you use collateral to secure funding.

What a business consulting firm can offer

A consulting firm can put quick funding for small business projects within easy reach in the form of ACH transfers or credit card payments. Look for a source that offers a range of support options from small to large loans. You may want to work with a funder that supports businesses in a variety of industries because this may increase the likelihood of a match between your proposal and the funder's focus areas. A firm that offers in-house funding as well as access to external funding partners can create robust funding opportunities for your small business.

The right funding source can give you the assets you need to cover a diverse range of business expenses, including payroll, equipment, working capital, expansions and taxes. Contact us at for more information about ways that our services can meet the needs of your business.

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